May 22, 2012

My Everest Base Camp Trek (5,364m.)

मेरो Everest Base Camp Trek (5,364m.) सन् 2012 मे 1 बाट सुरु भै 2012 मे को 18 सम्मको थियो \ जुन  ट्रेक  आशाध  रमाइलो भयो \ जिन्दगीमा एकपटक  Everest Base Camp Trek जानै  पर्ने ठाउँ भन्छन \ त्यसैले उक्त ट्रेकमा म  पनि सामील भएर 12 जना पर्यटक   लिएर  काठमाडौँ  देखि लुक्ला एरपोर्ट हुदै 10 दिनमा   Everest Base Camp पुगियो \ 

साह्रै रमाइलोका  क्षण हरु 

Jul 27, 2010

Introduction Of Tourism

Tourism means travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.The World Tourism Organization define that tourists as people who 'travel and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty four hours or minimum Fourty five to seventy five days in Mountain Expedition and not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited'.It is big business, one of the world's largest industries and in many regions the single largest source of investment and employment.While it does not have the same 'smokestack' as the manufacturing industry, it is by no means environmentally benign, generating significant levels of pollution and consuming considerable amounts of natural resources.

Jun 9, 2010


There may be some problems in tourism.Like tourists dont know the price and get cheated or language problems,they might even be asked for more money,they get fake money and they dont know,they get mixed up in political problems,they get drug trafficing and abuse or racism, these things are problems of tourism and it have solution too.Every countries have to solution these problems,every countries have to give tourists good security and right way.

Problems Of Tourism

Tourism can be a positive force for change in poor countries, it can also be seriously damaging for the local environment and culture.
Increase in mass tourism that is not controlled responsibly can ruin areas of natural beauty. Tourism can damage coral reefs, pollute Himalayan,beaches and destroy the habitats of wildlife as roads and hotels are built. Ironically, damage to these natural resources is likely to reduce future numbers of visitors. Another negative effect is that the increasing numbers of aeroplane flights are a major cause of global warming.
Tourism can have an adverse effect on local culture, traditions and the way of life. Large numbers of tourists can undermine traditional beliefs, values and customs and in particular risk commercialising the culture that they find so interesting. And where these tourists are insensitive to local traditions their behaviour can cause great offence.